Weight Comparison

Typical Weight Comparison

Weight Comparison

Full Size And Academy Bats

This chart is only an indicative guide to weight distribution of full size short handle bats, including GM NOW!, ToeTek and a single grip.

We endeavour to supply all orders in a balanced range across these weights.

Bat Weights: Important Information

Every bat is dependent on the characteristics of the particular piece of English willow from which it is made. No two pieces (clefts) are the same, even from the same tree - the individual cell structure, natural density and weight will all vary according to the tree’s speed of growth, its habitat, its moisture content, the prevailing wind and whether its north or south facing.
Heavy willow tends to be denser, less prone to damage and inherently more powerful than a light piece of willow, although a lighter cleft will be more maneuverable - essentially your choice of bat will be a trade off between maneuverability, power and longevity.

Most importantly though, your decision should be based on its feel or pick up rather than its scale weight.